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2023 Design + Build Competition Winners

Congratulations to these talented teams!


Ware Malcomb | Breise Construction

The Working Mutt Dog House is a stylish and functional piece of furniture designed for pet owners who want to keep their living space organized and their furry friend close by. Made from high-quality wood, this dog house not only provides a comfortable and cozy place for your pet
to rest, but also doubles as a storage solution for your living room. With ample storage space inside, you can easily keep your pet’s toys, treats, and accessories organized and within reach. The compact design and

elegant wooden finish makes it a perfect addition to any modern or traditional living room, while the sturdy construction ensures it will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Whether you’re looking for a functional storage solution or just a stylish way to incorporate your pet into your decor, The Working Mutt Dog House is the perfect choice.



Earth & Images | Candelaria Design Associates | GM Hunt Builders

The Barkelona Pavilion is a modern, minimalist, and perfectly proportional luxury doghouse. Inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona Pavilion, our doghouse was designed to be open-concept while providing shade and comfort. In collaboration with GM Hunt Builders and Candelaria Design Associates, the Barkelona Pavilion was constructed with large format limestone tiles, polished chrome, and a green panda marble slab. The dog cushion, fabricated by AZ Customs Designs, is modeled after the Barcelona Chair.

Our team envisions this doghouse as a forever home for a lucky puppy whose family shares our appreciation for Bauhaus design and architecture.



Felix Construction, Cawley Architects, and IK Interiors teamed up to build a sustainable doghouse with a focus on comfort and security. The louvers provide airflow, allowing air to flow through the doghouse providing a cool draft in the summer and a warm draft in the winter. Water reuse is incorporated through the roof. It is built to capture rainwater which is directed into the cistern equipped with a carbon filter to provide clean drinking water for the dog. The solar panels provide a renewable recharge for the interior lights. The color scheme replicates an outdoorsy feel with the forest green and pine tree accent to tie into the natural wood.



Treasure in the Detail | The Contractor Guys

Our team was inspired by the A-frame's ability to be a symbolism of comfort, relaxation, and the ultimate retreat from every day life. This safe-haven was designed to be long-standing, sustainable, stylish and ultra comfortable for small-medium sized dogs. The Retreat is intended for indoor, or outdoor use. The dutch door can keep your dog secure if needed, but also allows for a breeze from three sides. The top of the
doghouse opens to allow access for cleaning. The Concertex fabric dog cushion is made to withstand commercial use while also being buttery soft-perfect for daily lounging!

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